Zeus' Fight with Typhon

But the struggle did not end there. Gaia-The Earth was angry at Olympian Zeus for being so harsh with her defeated Titan children. She married a gloomy Tartarus and gave birth to a terrible hundred-headed monster Typhon. Huge, with a hundred dragon heads, Typhon rose from the bowels of the earth. He shook the air with a wild howl. The barking of dogs, human voices, the roar of an angry bull, the roar of a lion could be heard in this howl. Violent flames swirled around Typhon, and the earth shook under his heavy steps.

The gods shuddered with horror - the terrible Typhon put them to flight. But Zeus the Thunderer boldly rushed at him, and the battle broke out. Lightning flashed again in the hands of Zeus, thunder rumbled. The earth and the firmament were shaken to the ground. The earth flared up again with a bright flame, as during the fight with the Titans. The seas boiled at the mere approach of Typhon. Hundreds of fiery arrows rained down-thunderbolts of Zeus; it seemed that the very air was burning from their fire and dark thunderclouds were burning. Zeus incinerated Typhon all his hundred heads. Typhon collapsed to the ground; such heat radiated from his body that everything melted around. Zeus raised Typhon's body and cast it into the gloomy Tartarus that gave birth to it. But even in Tartarus Typhon threatens the gods and all living things. It causes storms and eruptions; it spawned with Snide, half-woman-half-snake, terrible two-headed dog Orf, hellhound Kerber, lerney hydra and Chimera; Typhon often shakes the earth.

The Olympian gods defeated their enemies. No one could resist their power anymore. They could now rule the world in peace. The most powerful of them, the thunderer Zeus, took the sky for himself, Poseidon is the sea, and Hades is the underground realm of the souls of the dead. The land remained in common ownership. Although the sons shared Kron has power over the world among themselves, but still Zeus, the lord of heaven, reigns over all of them; he rules people and gods, he knows everything in the world.