Zeus overthrows Cronus. The struggle of the Olympian gods with the Titans (titanomachy).

The beautiful and mighty god Zeus has grown and matured. Together with Poseidon and Hades, having made a joint sacrifice, he rebelled against his father and forced him to bring the children he had absorbed back into the world. One by one, he spat out of the mouth of the Crowns of his children-gods, beautiful and bright. They started fighting with Crown and titans for power over the world.

Zeus throwing lightning
Zeus, throwing lightning (according to some assumptions - Poseidon)
(Statue of V century BC)

This struggle was terrible and persistent. The children of Cronus have established themselves on the high Olympus. Some of the titans also took their side, and the first was titan Ocean and his daughter Styx and children with Zeal, Power and Victory. This struggle was dangerous for the Olympian gods. Mighty and formidable were their opponents, the Titans. But the cyclopes came to Zeus' aid. They forged thunder and lightning for him, Zeus threw them into titans. The struggle had been going on for ten years, but the victory did not lean to either side. Finally, Zeus decided to release from the bowels of the earth a hundred giants-hecatonheirs; he called them to help. Terrible, huge as mountains, they came out of the bowels of the earth and rushed into battle. They tore whole rocks from the mountains and threw them at the Titans. Hundreds of rocks flew towards the Titans when they approached Olympus. The earth groaned, the roar filled the air, everything was shaking. Even Tartarus shuddered from this struggle.

Zeus hurled flaming lightning and deafening rumbling thunder one after another. The fire engulfed the whole earth, the seas were boiling, smoke and stench covered everything with a thick veil.

Finally, the mighty titans trembled. Their strength was broken, they were defeated. The Olympians bound them and cast them into a gloomy Tartarus, into eternal darkness. At the copper indestructible gates of Tartarus, one-hundred-armed hecatonheirs began to guard, and they guard so that the mighty titans do not break free from Tartarus again. The power of the Titans in the world has passed.