Perseus in Argos

Athena - in helmet and aegis
Athena - wearing a helmet and aegis,
with Nike, the goddess of victory on her arm, with a shield and a snake dedicated to her

Perseus transferred power over Serif to his brother Polydecta, to Dictis, who once saved him with his mother, and himself with Given and with Andromeda went to Argos. When Perseus' grandfather, Akrisiyo, learned of his grandson's arrival, then, remembering the oracle's prediction, fled far north to Larissa. Perseus began to rule in his native Argos. He returned the helmet of Hades, winged sandals and a wonderful bag to the nymphs, and returned to Hermes his sharp sword. He gave the head of Medusa to Athena-Pallas, and she fixed it on her chest, on her sparkling shell. Perseus ruled happily in Argos.

His grandfather Acrisius did not escape what inexorable fate determined for him. Once Perseus arranged magnificent games. Many heroes gathered at them. Among the spectators was the elderly Akrisiy. During the competition in throwing a heavy disc, Perseus threw a bronze disc with a mighty hand. A heavy disk flew up high, to the very clouds, and falling to the ground, it hit with terrible force in the head of Acrisius and struck him to death. Thus the oracle's prediction was fulfilled. Full of grief, Perseus buried Acrisius, lamenting that he had become an unwitting murderer of his grandfather. Perseus did not want to rule in Argos, the kingdom of Acrisius, whom he had killed; he went to Tirinf and reigned there for many years. Argos Perseus gave possession to his relative Megapent.