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The Return of Perseus to Serif

Didn't stay long Perseus after this bloody battle in the kingdom Kefea. Taking the beautiful Andromeda, he returned to Serif to the king Polydect. Perseus found his mother Danae in great grief. Fleeing from Polydect, she had to seek protection in the temple of Zeus. She did not dare to leave the temple for a single moment. The enraged Perseus came to the palace of Polydectes and found him with friends at a luxurious feast. Polydectes did not expect Perseus to return, he was sure that the hero had died in the fight against the Gorgons. The king of Serif was surprised when he saw Perseus before him, and he calmly said to the king:

- Your order is fulfilled, I brought you a head Medusa.

Polydectes did not believe that Perseus had accomplished such a great feat. He began to mock the God-like hero and called him a liar. The friends of Polydectes also mocked Perseus. Anger boiled in Perseus' chest, he could not forgive the insult. Flashing his eyes menacingly, Perseus took out the head of Medusa and exclaimed:

- If you don't believe, Polydect, then here's the proof for you!

Polydectes looked at the gorgon's head and instantly turned into stone. The tsar's friends, who were feasting with him, did not escape this fate either.