Dionysus and his retinue

With a merry crowd of wreathed maenads and satyrs, the merry god Dionysus walks around the world, from country to country. He walks in front in a wreath of grapes with an ivy-decorated thyrsus in his hands.

Dancing Satyr
Dancing satyr
Young maenads are dancing around him in a fast dance, singing and shouting; clumsy satyrs with tails and goat legs, drunk from wine, are jumping. Behind the procession, an old man Silenus, the wise teacher of Dionysus, is being driven on a donkey. He is very drunk, barely sitting on a donkey, leaning on a skin of wine lying next to him. The ivy wreath slid sideways on his bald head. Swaying, he rides, smiling good-naturedly. The young satyrs walk beside the gently stepping donkey and carefully support the old man so that he does not fall. To the sounds of flutes, pipes and timpanes, a noisy procession moves merrily in the mountains, among shady forests, on green lawns. Dionysus walks merrily through the land, conquering everything with his power. He teaches people to plant grapes and make wine from its heavy ripe bunches.