Five centuries

The immortal gods living on the bright Olympus created the first human race happy; it was a golden age. God Kron ruled in the sky then. Like blessed gods, people lived in those days, knowing neither care, nor labor, nor sorrow. Nor did they know feeble old age; their legs and arms were always strong and strong. Their painless and happy life was an eternal feast. Death, coming after their long life, was like a calm, quiet dream. They had everything in abundance during their lifetime. The land itself gave them rich fruits, and they did not have to spend labor on cultivating fields and gardens. Their herds were numerous, and they grazed quietly on fat pastures. The people of the golden age lived peacefully. The gods themselves came to consult them. But the golden age on earth is over, and there is no one left of the people of this generation. After death, the people of the golden age became spirits, patrons of people of new generations. Shrouded in fog, they rush all over the earth, defending the truth and punishing evil. This is how Zeus rewarded them after their death.

The second human race and the second century were no longer as happy as the first. It was the silver age. The people of the silver Age were not equal in strength or intelligence to the people of the golden age. For a hundred years they grew up unreasonable in the homes of their mothers, only when they grew up, they left them. Their life was short in adulthood, and since they were unreasonable, they saw a lot of misfortune and grief in life. The people of the Silver Age were rebellious. They did not obey the immortal gods and did not want to burn their sacrifices on altars, the Great son of Kronos Zeus destroyed their kind on earth. He was angry with them for not obeying the gods living on the bright Olympus. Zeus settled them in an underground twilight kingdom. There they live, knowing neither joy nor sorrow; they, too, are honored by people.

Father Zeus created the third generation and the third century - the copper age. It doesn't look like silver. Zeus created people from the spear shaft - terrible and powerful. The people of the Copper Age loved pride and war, abundant with groans. They did not know agriculture and did not eat the fruits of the earth, which give gardens and arable land. Zeus gave them enormous stature and indestructible strength. Indomitable, courageous was their heart and irresistible were their hands. Their weapons were forged from copper, their houses were made of copper, they worked with copper tools. They didn't know dark iron back in those days. The people of the Copper Age destroyed each other with their own hands. They quickly descended into the gloomy realm of the terrible Hades. No matter how strong they were, the black death stole them away, and they left the clear light of the sun.

As soon as this race descended into the realm of shadows, immediately the great Zeus created the fourth century and a new human race on the earth that feeds everyone, a nobler, more just, equal to the gods kind of demigods-heroes. And they all died in evil wars and terrible bloody battles. Some died at the seven-fold Thebes, in the country Cadmus, fighting for the legacy of Oedipus. Others fell at Troy, where they came for the beautiful-haired Elena, having crossed the wide sea on ships. When all of them were abducted by death, Zeus the Thunderer settled them on the edge of the earth, far from living people. Demigods-heroes live on the islands of the blessed by stormy waters Ocean happy, carefree life. There the fertile land gives them fruits three times a year, sweet as honey.

The last, fifth century and the human race is iron. It continues now on earth. Night and day, without ceasing, people are ruined by sorrows and exhausting work. The gods send people heavy worries. True, the gods and good are mixed with evil, but still there is more evil, it reigns everywhere. Children do not honor their parents; a friend is not faithful to a friend; a guest does not find hospitality; there is no love between brothers. People do not observe this oath, do not appreciate the truth and goodness. They destroy each other's cities. Violence reigns everywhere. Only pride and strength are valued. The goddesses Conscience and Justice have left people. In their white robes, they flew up to the high Olympus to the immortal gods, and people were left with only grave troubles, and they have no protection from evil.