Father Zeus
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Daughter of Zeus and the goddess Leto, twin sister of Apollo, granddaughter of titans Kay and Phoebe. She was born on Mount Kinf on the island of Delos.

Classical Artemis is an eternal virgin; the nymphs accompanying her also take a vow of celibacy, while those who do not observe it are severely punished (like, for example, Callisto). Before the wedding, expiatory sacrifices were offered to the goddess Artemis. In many myths, she appears to be vindictive and cruel: she kills Actaeon, the children of Niobe, orders Agamemnon to sacrifice his daughter Iphigenia to her. The destructive functions of Artemis are connected with her archaic past — the mistress of animals in Crete. In its most ancient hypostasis, not only a huntress, but also a bear.

Participates in myths or historical events: