Apollo at Admet

Apollohad to be cleansed from the sin of spilled blood Python. After all, he himself cleanses people who have committed murder. He retired by the decision of Zeus to Thessaly to the beautiful and noble king Admet. There he grazed the king's flocks and with this service atoned for his sin. When Apollo played a reed flute or a golden kithara in the middle of the pasture, wild animals came out of the forest, fascinated by his game. Panthers and ferocious lions walked peacefully among the herds. Deer and chamois came running to the sound of the flute. Peace and joy reigned all around. Prosperity took possession of the house of Admetus; no one had such fruits, his horses and herds were the best in all Thessaly. All this was given to him by the golden-haired god. Apollo helped Admetus get the hand of the daughter of King Iolcus Pelias, Alkests. Her father promised to give her in marriage only to someone who would be able to harness a lion and a bear to his chariot. Then Apollo endowed his pet Admetus with invincible strength, and he fulfilled this task of Pelias. Apollo served with Admetus for eight years and, having completed the term of his expiatory service, returned to Delphi.

Apollo lives in Delphi in spring and summer. When autumn comes, the flowers wither and the leaves on the trees turn yellow, when the cold winter is already approaching, covering the peak of Parnassus with snow, then Apollo on his chariot, drawn by snow-white swans, is carried away to the land of Hyperboreans that does not know winter, to the land of eternal spring. He lives there all winter. When everything in Delphi turns green again, when flowers bloom under the living breath of spring and the Criss Valley is covered with a colorful carpet, the golden-haired Apollo returns to Delphi on his swans to prophesy to people the will of the thunderer Zeus. Then in Delphi they celebrate the return of the diviner god Apollo from the land of the Hyperboreans. All spring and summer he lives in Delphi, he also visits his homeland Delos, where he also has a magnificent sanctuary.