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Father Pelius

Acast — in Greek mythology, the son of Pelias and Anaxibia, a participant in the Calydonian hunt and one of the Argonauts. According to Valery Flack, he secretly joined the Argonauts from his father.

When, after returning from the Argonauts' campaign, Pelias was killed by his daughters, who had been persuaded to do so By Medea, Acast ascended the throne and celebrated funeral festivities in honor of his father, which were sung many times in poetry and personified in works of art in the old days. Akast and his horses are depicted in the painting of Micon. After the death of Pelias, he buried his father, and expelled Jason and Medea from Iolcus. According to others, Jason himself handed over the royal power to Acastus.

Cleansed from filth Peley, who took part in competitions in honor of Pelia. When Peleus was slandered by Acastus' wife Astydamia, Acastus tried to kill him by hiding the hero's sword, but unsuccessfully. In another version, Akast's wife was called Hippolyta

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