Adrastus son of Talai and Lysimachus, king of Argos; exiled, fled to his grandfather, Polybus, in Sikion and after his death took the throne. Wife of Amphithea, children of Argias, Deipila, Aegialea, Aegialeia, Kyanippus. He was famous for his sweet talk. Subsequently, he returned to Argos. As a result of the oracle of Apollo's prediction that his daughters would marry a boar and a lion, he married them to the heroes Polynices and Tydeus. The marriage of the second daughter later served as the reason for the Campaign of the Seven against Thebes, undertaken by Adrastus to protect his son-in-law, who was expelled from Thebes by his brother Eteocles. At the Nemean Games, he won the equestrian contests on Arion. One of the Seven against Thebes, stood at the Homoloid Gate. After the defeat, the only one of the heroes escaped thanks to the fast running of Arion's horse. Adrastus' chariot crashed at Garma in Boeotia, and he was rescued by the villagers. When he came to Athens, he fell down at the altar of Mercy and asked for burial for the fallen. Then the Athenians went to Thebes and handed over the corpses to relatives for burial. He mourned the dead when the bodies were burned at Thebes.

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