Helena, daughter of Zeus and Leda

The once glorious hero Tyndareyo was banished from his realm by Hippokoont. After long wanderings, he found shelter with the king of Aetolia, Thestia. The king of Festius fell in love with the hero and gave him his beautiful, like a goddess, daughter Leda as his wife. When the great son of Zeus Hercules defeated Hippocoont and killed him and all his sons, Tyndareus returned with his beautiful wife to Sparta and began to rule there.

Leda had four children. Beautiful Elena and Polydeuces were the children of Leda and Zeus the Thunderer, and Clytemnestra and Kastor were the children of Leda and Tyndareus.

Elena was beautiful. None of the mortal women could compare with her beauty. Even the goddesses envied her. Helen's fame resounded throughout Greece. Knowing about her divine beauty, she was kidnapped from Tyndareus by the great hero of Attica Theseus, but Helen's brothers, Polydeuces and Castor, freed their sister and returned her to their father's house. One after another, suitors came to the palace of Tyndareus to woo the beautiful Helen, each wanted to call her, the most beautiful of women, his wife. Tyndareus did not dare to give Elena as his wife to one of the heroes who came to him, he was afraid that other heroes, out of envy of the lucky one, would start a fight with him and a great strife would arise. Finally, the cunning hero Odysseus gave this advice to Tyndareus:

- Let the beautifully curly Elena decide for herself whose wife she wants to become. And let all the suitors take an oath that they will never raise arms against the one whom Elena chooses as her husband, but will help him with all their might if he calls them for help in case of trouble.

Tyndareus obeyed the advice of Odysseus. All the suitors took an oath, and Elena chose one of them, and this chosen one was a beautiful son Atreya, Menelaus.

He married the beautiful Helen Menelaus. After the death of Tyndareus, he became king of Sparta. He lived calmly in the palace of Tyndareus, not suspecting how much trouble marriage with the beautiful Elena promises him.