When Prometheus stole divine fire for mortals, taught them arts and crafts and gave them knowledge, life on earth became happier. Zeus, angered by Prometheus' act, cruelly punished him, and sent evil to people on earth. He commanded the glorious blacksmith god Hephaestus to mix earth and water and make from this mixture a beautiful girl who would have the strength of people, a gentle voice and a look of eyes like the look of immortal goddesses. The daughter of Zeus, Athena-Pallas, had to weave beautiful clothes for her; the goddess of love, golden Aphrodite was supposed to give her an irresistible charm; Hermes was supposed to give her a cunning mind and resourcefulness.

Epimetheus and Pandora
Epimetheus and Pandora

Immediately the gods fulfilled the command of Zeus. Hephaestus made an extraordinarily beautiful girl out of the earth. The gods revived her. Pallas Athena and the Charites clothed the girl in clothes shining like the sun and put gold necklaces on her. The Ors laid a wreath of spring fragrant flowers on her lush curls. Hermes put false and flattering speeches into her mouth. The gods named her Pandora, because from all of them she received gifts. Pandora was supposed to bring misfortune to people with her.

When this evil was ready for people, Zeus sent Hermes to take Pandora to earth to Prometheus' brother, Epimetheus. Wise Prometheus warned his unreasonable brother many times and advised him not to accept gifts from the thunderer Zeus. He was afraid that these gifts would bring grief to people. But Epimetheus did not listen to the advice of his wise brother. Pandora captivated him with her beauty, and he took her as his wife. Soon Epimetheus found out how much evil Pandora brought with her to people.

In the house of Epimetheus there was a large vessel, tightly closed with a heavy lid; no one knew what was in this vessel, and no one dared to open it, because everyone knew that it threatened trouble. Curious Pandora secretly removed the lid from the vessel, and the disasters that were once enclosed in it scattered all over the earth. Only one Hope remained at the bottom of the huge vessel. The lid of the vessel slammed shut again, and Hope did not fly out of the house of Epimetheus. Thunderer Zeus did not wish this.

People used to live happily without knowing evil, hard work and destructive diseases. Now myriad disasters have spread among the people. Now the earth and the sea were filled with evil. Uninvited, both day and night, evil and diseases come to people, they bring suffering with them to people. With inaudible steps, they come in silence, because Zeus deprived them of the power of speech - he created evil and diseases dumb.