The Erymanthian Boar and the Battle with the Centaurs (fifth feat)

After hunting a copper-legged doe, which lasted for a whole year, I had a short rest Hercules. Eurystheus again gave him an assignment: Hercules had to kill the Erymanthian boar. This boar, who possessed monstrous strength, lived on a mountain Erimanfe and devastated the neighborhood of the city of Psophis. He did not give people any mercy and killed them with his huge fangs. Hercules went to Mount Erimanthus. On the way he visited the wise centaur Foul. He accepted the Foul of the great son of Zeus with honor and arranged a feast for him. During the feast, the centaur opened a large vessel with wine to treat the hero better. The fragrance of wonderful wine spread far away. Other centaurs also heard this fragrance. They were terribly angry at the Foul for opening the vessel. The wine did not belong to Folu alone, but was the property of all centaurs. The centaurs rushed to the dwelling of the Foul and attacked him and Hercules by surprise, when the two of them were feasting merrily, decorating their heads with wreaths of ivy. Hercules was not afraid of centaurs. He quickly jumped up from his couch and began throwing huge smoking brands at the attackers. The centaurs fled, and Hercules wounded them with his poisonous arrows. The hero pursued them to the very smallest. There the centaurs took refuge with a friend of Hercules, Chiron, the wisest of the centaurs. Hercules followed them into the cave.

Hercules brings the Erymanthian boar to Eurystheus
Hercules brings the Erymanthian boar to Eurystheus, who hides in a large bronze vessel out of fear.
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In anger, he pulled his bow, an arrow flashed in the air and pierced the knee of one of the centaurs. Hercules did not strike the enemy, but his friend Chiron. Great sorrow seized the hero when he saw who he had wounded. Hercules rushes to wash and bandage his friend's wound, but nothing can help. Hercules knew that the wound from an arrow poisoned by hydra bile was incurable. Chiron also knew that he was facing a painful death. In order not to suffer from the wound, he subsequently voluntarily descended into the gloomy realm of Hades.

In deep sorrow, Hercules left Chiron and soon reached Mount Erimanthus. There, in a dense forest, he found a formidable boar and drove it out of the thicket with a shout. Hercules chased the boar for a long time, and finally drove him into the deep snow on the top of the mountain. The boar got stuck in the snow, and Hercules, rushing at him, tied him up and carried him alive to Mycenae. When Eurystheus saw the monstrous boar, he hid in a large bronze vessel out of fear.