The Sons of Aloe

Formidable is the far-seeing Apollo in his anger, and then his golden arrows know no mercy. Many were amazed by them. Their sons, proud of their strength and unwilling to obey anyone, died from them Aloe, From and efialt. Already in early childhood, they were famous for their enormous growth, their strength and courage that knows no barriers. While still young men, they began to threaten the Olympian gods from and Ephialt:

- Oh, let us only mature, let us only reach the full measure of our supernatural power. Then We will pile Mount Olympus, Mount Pelion and Mount Ossu on top of each other and ascend them to heaven. We will then steal from you, Olympians, Hera and Artemis!

So, like the Titans, the rebellious sons of Aloe threatened the Olympians. They would have carried out their threat. After all, they chained the terrible god of war Ares, for thirty months he languished in a copper dungeon. Ares, insatiable with abuse, would have languished in captivity for a long time if the fast Hermes had not kidnapped him, deprived of strength. Mighty were Ot and Ephialt. Apollo didn't take down their threats. The far-seeing god pulled his silver bow; like sparks of flame, his golden arrows flashed in the air, and the arrows pierced by the arrows fell from and Ephialt.