Origin of the world and gods

The god Kron is the father of the god Zeus

In the beginning, there was only eternal, boundless, dark Chaos. In it was the source of the life of the world. Everything arose from the boundless Chaos - the whole world and the immortal gods. From Chaos came the goddess Earth - Gaia. It spread wide, mighty, giving life to everything that lives and grows on it. Far under the Earth, as far as the vast, bright sky is from us, in the immeasurable depth, the gloomy Tartar was born - a terrible abyss full of eternal darkness. From Chaos, the source of life, a mighty force was born, all reviving Love - Eros. The world began to form. Boundless Chaos gave birth to Eternal Darkness - Erebus and Dark Night - Nyukta. And from Night and Gloom came the eternal Light - Ether and the joyful bright Day - Gemera . Light spread over the world, and night and day began to replace each other.

The mighty, fertile Earth gave birth to the boundless blue Sky - Uranus, and the Sky spread over the Earth. The high Mountains, born of the Earth, proudly rose to him, and the eternally noisy Sea spread wide.

The Sky, the Mountains and the Sea were born by Mother Earth, and they have no father.

Uranus-Sky - reigned in the world. He took the blessed Earth as his wife. Six sons and six daughters - mighty, formidable titans - were Uranus and Gaia. Their son, the titan Ocean, flowing around the whole earth like a boundless river, and the goddess Thetis a> gave birth to all the rivers that roll their waves to the sea, and sea goddesses - oceanids. Titan Gipperion and Teya gave the world children: The Sun - Helios, the Moon - Selena and the ruddy Dawn - pink-fingered Eos. From Astrea and Eos came all the stars that burn in the dark night sky, and all the winds: the stormy north wind Boreas, eastern Eur, humid southern Not and western gentle wind Zephyr, bringing clouds with abundant rain.

In addition to the titans, the mighty Earth gave birth to three Cyclopes giants with one eye in their forehead - Arta, Brontus and Sterop, and three huge, like mountains, fifty-headed giants - hundred-armed (hecatoncheirs), so named because each of them - Kott, Gies and Briareyo. Nothing can resist their terrible strength, their elemental strength knows no limit.

Uranus hated his giant children, he imprisoned them in deep darkness in the bowels of the goddess Earth and did not allow them to come out into the light. Their mother Earth suffered. She was crushed by this terrible burden, enclosed in her depths. She called her children, the titans, and urged them to rebel against their father Uranus, but they were afraid to raise their hands against their father. Only the youngest of them, the insidious Kron , by cunning overthrew his father, castrated him and took away his power.

The Goddess Night gave birth to a host of terrible creatures as punishment for Kron: Tanata - death, Eridu - discord, Apatu - deception, Ker - destruction, Hypnos - a dream with a swarm of gloomy, heavy visions, knowing no mercy Nemesis - revenge for crimes - and many others. Horror, strife, deceit, struggle and misfortune were brought by these gods into the world where the titan Kron reigned on the throne of his father.