Night, moon, dawn and sun

The goddess of Night is riding slowly across the sky in her chariot drawn by black horses - Nyukta. She covered the earth with her dark veil. Darkness enveloped everything. The stars crowd around the chariot of the goddess of Night and pour their uncertain, flickering light on the earth - these are the young sons of the goddess of Dawn-Eos and Astraea. There are a lot of them, they dotted the whole dark night sky. That's how a light glow would appear in the east.

Helios is the sun god, on a chariot
Helios - the sun god, on a chariot drawn by winged horses, takes off into the sky

It's getting hotter and hotter. This is the moon goddess rising into the sky - Selena. Steep-horned bulls slowly drive her chariot across the sky. Calmly, majestically, the goddess Moon rides across the sky in her long white clothes, with a crescent moon on her headdress. It shines peacefully on the sleeping earth, flooding everything with a silvery glow. After circling the firmament, the goddess Luna will descend into the deep grotto of Mount Latma in Caria. There lies a beautiful one immersed in eternal slumber Endymion. Selena loves him. She bends over him, caresses him and whispers words of love to him. But Endymion, immersed in slumber, does not hear her, because Selena is so sad, and her light, which she pours on the earth at night, is sad.

Eos - goddess of dawn
Eos - the goddess of dawn, soaring into the sky, pours dew on the ground from two vessels

Morning is getting closer. The goddess Moon has long since descended from the sky. The east brightened a little. The harbinger of dawn, Eos-foros, the morning star, lit up brightly in the east. A light breeze blew. The east is becoming brighter and brighter. Here the rosy-feathered goddess Zarya-Eos has opened the gates, from which the radiant Sun-god Helios will soon leave. In bright saffron clothes, on pink wings, the goddess Dawn flies up to the brightened sky, flooded with pink light. The goddess pours dew from a golden vessel on the ground, and the dew sprinkles the grass and flowers with drops sparkling like diamonds. Everything on earth is fragrant, aromas are smoking everywhere. The awakened earth joyfully welcomes the rising Sun god-Helios.

On four winged horses in a golden chariot forged by god Hephaestus, a radiant god rides into the sky from the shores of the Ocean. The tops of the mountains are illuminated by the rays of the rising sun, and they rise as if flooded with fire. The stars flee from the sky at the sight of the sun god, one by one they hide in the bosom of the dark night. The chariot of Helios rises higher and higher. In a radiant crown and in a long sparkling robe, he rides across the sky and pours his life-giving rays on the earth, gives it light, warmth and life.

Having completed his daily journey, the sun god descends to the sacred waters Ocean. There is a golden canoe waiting for him, in which he sails back to the east, to the land of the sun, where his wonderful palace is located. The sun god rests there at night to rise in his former splendor the next day.