Asclepius is the god of doctors
Asclepius is the god of doctors

But not only is Apollo the avenger, not only does he send death with his golden arrows; he heals diseases. The son of Apollo Asclepius is the god of doctors and medical art.

Was born to the nymph Coronida, later killed by Apollo for treason.

The wise centaur Chiron raised Asclepius on the slopes of Pelion. Under his guidance, Asclepius became such a skilled doctor that he surpassed even his teacher Chiron. Asclepius not only healed all diseases, but even brought the dead back to life. By this he angered the ruler of the kingdom of the dead Hades and the thunderer Zeus, since he violated the law and order established by Zeus on earth. Angry Zeus threw his lightning and struck Asclepius. But people deified the son of Apollo as a healing god. They erected many sanctuaries to him, and among them the famous sanctuary of Asclepius in Epidaurus.

All over Greece, Apollo was honored. The Greeks revered him as a god of light, a god who cleanses man from the filth of spilled blood, as a god who prophesies the will of his father Zeus, punishes, sends diseases and heals them. He was revered by the Greek youths as their patron. Apollo is the patron saint of navigation, he helps to found new colonies and cities. Artists, poets, singers and musicians are under the special patronage of the leader of the choir of the muses, Apollo-kifared. Apollo is equal to Zeus the Thunderer himself in the worship that the Greeks paid him.