Jason in Iolka

When Jason came to Iolk, he went straight to the square where all the residents gathered. The inhabitants of Iolk looked at the beautiful young man with surprise. They thought it was either Apollo, or Hermes - so he was beautiful. He was not dressed like all the inhabitants of Iolk; a mottled panther skin was draped over his shoulders, and only one right foot was shod in a sandal. Jason's lush curls fell to his shoulders, and he shone with the beauty and strength of a young god. He stood quietly among the crowd of citizens admiring him, leaning on two spears.

At this time, a rich chariot arrived at the square and Pelius. He looked at the young man and shuddered, noticing that the young man had only one foot shod. Pelias was afraid: after all, the oracle had once revealed to him that he was threatened with death by a man who would come to Iolk from the mountains and be shod on one foot; this man, the son of Aeson, had to destroy Pelias by force or cunning, and death should be inevitable.

Pelias hid his fright and haughtily asked the unknown youth:

- Where do you come from, young man, to which tribe do you belong? But only answer the truth, do not defile yourself with lies, I am the enemy of hateful lies.

Jason answered Pelias calmly:

- Wise Chiron taught me only truth and honesty, and I am always faithful to his instructions. I have lived in Chiron's cave for twenty years and have never violated the truth or been guilty of anything. I returned home here, to my native Iolk, to my father Aeson. I want to demand that the power over Iolk be returned to me. She, as I have heard, was taken from my father by the treacherous Pelias. Citizens, take me to the house of my great ancestors. I am not a stranger to you, I was born here in Iolka. I am Jason, son of Aeson.

The inhabitants of Iolk pointed out to Jason his father's house. When Jason entered, the father immediately recognized his son. Tears of joy welled up in old Ason's eyes, he rejoiced, seeing that his son had become a mighty and beautiful young man.

The news of Jason's return quickly reached Aeson's brothers: Feret, king of Pher, and Amphaon from Messenia. Soon they arrived at Aeson with their sons Admet and Melampod. For five days and nights Aeson and his son Jason celebrated them with feasts. Jason revealed to them in conversation his desire to regain power over Yolk. They approved of Jason's wish and went with him to Pelias. Jason demanded that Pelias return power to him, and promised to leave him all the riches that he had taken from Aeson. Pelias was afraid to refuse Jason.

- Well, I agree, - Pelias replied, - but I will set you only one condition: you must appease the underground gods first. The shadow of Frix, who died in distant Colchis, prays that they go to Colchis and take possession of the golden fleece. This was revealed to me by the shadow of the Frix in a dream. In Delphi, the archer himself Apollo commanded me to go to Colchis. I am old and I cannot decide on such a great feat, you are young and full of strength, perform this feat, and I will return to you the power over Iolk.

So Pelias answered Jason, holding a grudge in his heart. He believed that Jason would die if he decided to go to Colchis for the golden Fleece.