Father Hermes

The genus of the double Hermes, as the prototype and patron of thieves. From his father, he received the gift of turning all things into a different appearance, which is why he was the best of thieves. He inherited from Hermes the ability to transform and take on any appearance, make objects invisible or change them beyond recognition (Autolycus could change the color of horses). For these qualities, the most cunning of the Hellenes was called. An outstanding wrestler and a fist fighter.

His father allowed him to falsely swear by his name. Autolycus swore so cleverly that later he could not fulfill his oaths without formally breaking them.

Taught Hercules to the art of wrestling.
Stole cows from the island of Euboea from Euryta, which unwittingly provoked a quarrel between Eurytus and Hercules.
Comrade Odyssey on hunting.

Participates in myths or historical events: