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Father Hercules
Mother Omphala
The chief shepherd of the Trojan king Priam. The king instructed Agelai to kill the newborn Paris, who, according to the predictions of the soothsayers, was to be the culprit of the death of Troy. Agelai's soft-heartedness did not allow him to use a rope or a sword - he simply left the child on Mount Ida, where he was nursed by a bear. Returning to the mountain five days later (according to another version - a year later) and seeing a live baby, Agelai was so amazed that he decided to pick up the abandoned child and brought him home to raise together with his newly born son. In confirmation that he had fulfilled Priam's command, Agelaus brought the king a cut-off dog's tongue. Some say that Hecuba, Paris' mother, bribed Agelaus not to kill her son. When the grown-up Paris aroused the wrath of Priam's sons by defeating them in sports, and they, drawing swords, attacked him, Agelaus revealed to Priam that Paris was his son.

Participates in myths or historical events: